Health & Safety

Security & Privacy

ARC facilities are based inside Port Atlantic La Rochelle, a full compliant area with the International Ship and Port Facility Security code (ISPS code) with a H24/7 individual control access badge system to get in/out the shipyard.

Health, Safety and Environement policy

Health, safety and environmental protection remains our number one priorities.

For each project, ARC’s HSE officer sets up a dedicated health, fire & safety plan, controls and update it during all works progress. This dedicated HSE plan is countersigned by the Client’s Rep, the crew and all supbcontractors working onboard before works can start.

The entire Port Atlantic facilty is placed under ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 international certified norm. Also the La Rochelle area including Port Atlantique La Rochelle has been awarded in March 2020 one of the few zero carbon territory from the French governement.

With regard to COVID-19 pandemie, we are doing our part to help limit the social and economic impact of the disease and protect our team, Clients, our subcontractors and suppliers and everyone in our vast extended family.

We have set up specific procedures in place that enable our team across all areas of the business to continue our services with maximum sanitary safety. We adjust, on a day by day basis, the number of staff in our office and on the ground at our shipyard facility, while nevertheless safeguarding the projects that are currently under refit with the appropriate measures.

We will continue to follow and respond to the advice shared by the French Government and Health Authority.